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Jareth the Goblin Queen

Jareth the Goblin Queen published on 2 Comments on Jareth the Goblin Queen

In the last entry, I just called Jareth queer. Yes, folks, he’s the Goblin Queen, and it’s screamingly obvious.

Jareth is certainly queer in his self-presentation. David Bowie plays him as a tongue-in-cheek drag queen. Like a drag queen, the Goblin King favors highly choreographed and dramatic entrances. Like a drag queen, he simpers and struts with a sly wink to the audience. Like a drag queen, he sings, dances and flaunts his assets. Like a drag queen, he never looks the same way for long; he’s always wearing yet another sparkly, elaborate outfit. Like a drag queen, he uses heavy eye make-up to stylize his striking eyes and pale complexion so that he has a mask-like, obviously artificial look. Like a drag queen, he has unnatural hair that defies gravity and changes color when necessary. Like a drag queen, he turns himself into a very sexy work of art. Like a drag queen, he reminds you that all the world’s a stage, and he’s the star of the show. His very physical presentation, full of beauty and artifice, embodies the phrase “things aren’t always what they seem.”


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