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Jennifer up a tree

Jennifer up a tree published on 2 Comments on Jennifer up a tree

Jareth and Jennifer have been hanging out ever since Jennifer’s arrival, but this is their first photostory together. You get to learn more about Jennifer’s personality. Jareth tried to keep her from messing up the nice frilly outfit I put her in, but she went ahead and climbed trees anyway. Sheesh! Shots of unreasonably stubborn and athletic characters follow.


Aww…. she’s such a charming little thing. The last picture is particularly pretty. I love her little yarn wigs.

The mood of your stories with Jennifer remind me of a little kids cartoon called Kipper. Kipper’s this mild little British dog and he has mild little friends and they have mild little adventures. Very enjoyable to watch, but just mellow and pleasant. It’s nice. I like how devoid of wanky angst Jennifer is.

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