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An “Ode” to the Dollshe Dolls

An “Ode” to the Dollshe Dolls published on No Comments on An “Ode” to the Dollshe Dolls

Inspired by the release of two new Dollshe boy headsculpts, Saint and Bernard. [Pictures on] Ahem…

Bermann’s got tiny feet,
Haund a ski-jump schnozz.
Husky’s constipated,
With hands that look like claws.
IM looks uncomfortable —
There’s something up his butt —
And Afghan looks stupefied,
Always saying, “Durrrr…what?”
Afgha’s not much better.
Her head’s still way too small.
Bernard’s a girly boy; Saint’s a prig.
And they’re all anorexically tall.
Dollshes have a tendency
To pitch forward and play dead.
That’s why I’m Frankensteining
From Volks and Dollmore instead.

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