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Jareth and Frank’s fan art, part II

Jareth and Frank’s fan art, part II published on 2 Comments on Jareth and Frank’s fan art, part II

Each of my dolls is a character that I have fully imagined and formed in my head. When I transmit them into doll form, I want to give them a physical form appropriate to their personality and appearance as I imagine it. Though I’m a great control freak about my dolls [hence the Frankensteining to get just the right shape and size], I also like seeing how other people play with my ideas. This is why I like pictures of my dolls. I get to see how other people interpret my characters. Two pictures below the cut.

The fan art gallery [part I here] continues with a portrait of Jareth done by guttrglitter on DoA on February 28, 2006. I didn’t give her any constraints, and she produced this sketch. I like the bold lines, the clear colors and, most of all, the sense of humor communicated in the drawing.

Next up we have a sketch of a little Frank doll, “dressed as no plush should ever be dressed,” done by the fabulous Armeleia on March 15, 2006. This one also cracks me up. He’s so squeezably luscious. I should figure out how to make a 3-D version of this.


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