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Best fan art I have ever seen

Best fan art I have ever seen published on 3 Comments on Best fan art I have ever seen

EDIT: Link to Louisa’s picture fixed. More fan art, a quick Jareth sketch by Jamie Mckiernan and some detailed Photoshop pictures by Louisa Gallie, up in the gallery. Louisa’s painting, Jareth and Sarah, is the best piece of fan art I have ever seen. She captures accurate likenesses of both characters with smooth, fine strokes, puts them in dynamic and expressive positions and suffuses the whole picture with a combination of romance and realism. I want to frame it! Go see it…NOW!


Link #2 is leading to a Jareth doll right now ^-^

I’m loving all this art!! I’m now trawling through my DeviantArt favorites pages to try to find a painting that I think you’d really like . . . in the meanwhile, I came across this one, which should appeal to some of your . . . other interests. Muahhh. You might want to check out this artist’s gallery, there’s some great stuff there!!

Mmmpurrrrr . . . you have a great gallery of pieces here . . . my favorites:

Not that you necessarily care, but *I* like ’em ;>

I’ll be back with that link (when I find it) later!!

— A 😀

HAH, I can tell which pieces of fan art you liked because you voted on them. They’re my favorite pieces as well because they have very distinctive styles, but also capture something significant about the characters’ likenesses. And that DA piece is great…although disturbing how no one in the background is looking at the camera!


Bugger and BLAST!! I’ve just gone through, literally, a couple of THOUSAND devArt images, and I can’t find the one I’m looking for. Gah.

However, I have some more shiny shiny Jareth goodness for you that I’ve collected along the way:

*happy sigh*

You’re making ME want to get out my paintbrush — this is dangerous! 😉

— A <3<3

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