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Wigs for Jennifer / Elfdoll infestation

Wigs for Jennifer / Elfdoll infestation published on 2 Comments on Wigs for Jennifer / Elfdoll infestation

At today’s Burlington doll club, I brought a sampling of my 1:6 smorgasbord and held a picnic for Jennifer and Rosa’s Elfdolls. [Of course, none of the cute picnic ended up in my final selection of photos, since I’m very picky about which ones I post.] The Elfdoll with the larger eyes is Dodo. The one with the red hair is Adel. I don’t know what Rosa named them, but I got some size comparison shots of them with Jennifer and with Jareth. I also tried on at least 10 wigs on Jennifer. Which ones do you think flatter her?

Jennifer makes friends.

Jareth thinks, Where the hell did these things come from?

Jennifer looks best in poofy wigs with a lot of hair up top and at the sides. Styles like a bob or an updo compensate for the fact that her face is large for her head.


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