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Updates on Realm and official Jareth doll

Updates on Realm and official Jareth doll published on 1 Comment on Updates on Realm and official Jareth doll

As you know if you follow this blog, Palisades Toys was planning to release a 12″ Jareth doll this month. But, as Raving Toy Maniac reports, Palisades Toys has been bought by Limited by CAS earlier this year. The status of unproduced stock, including the Jareth doll, is now uncertain. There is no news right now about whether the Jareth doll will be cancelled or produced. In any case, most Web shops have stopped pre-orders for this figure. I do hope that the Jareth doll is produced, even if it’s several months late. Anyway, watch this blog for news.

In other Realm news, I put up some more fan art by Melissa Findley, Joanna Oliver and me. My 2-D artistic skills really pale next to theirs.

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from Rosco

Thanks for looking into this for me. I figured that if anyone would know about this, it would be you. 🙂 If that doll does get released, I’ll have to purchase another Sarah doll so that my current Jareth doll doesn’t get all jealous.

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