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Happy (re)birthday!

Happy (re)birthday! published on 2 Comments on Happy (re)birthday!

In honor of the resurrection of spring and Jesus, here’s my favorite photo from Friday’s Granary shoot. A cross between a mortality symbol [the skull] and the hope for eternal life [the angelic wings], the death’s head appears in many forms on early Puritan tombs. The features of the skull have been stylized and turned into geometrical forms, but the figure is still recognizable.

I’m very pleased with the result of this photo; it’s currently on my computer desktop, the fourth in this year’s tradition of grave desktop images. [Previous ones included Corpus and, most recently, Chow’s tombstone.] When I have my gallery showing, this will be one of the selections. [Yeah, I didn’t know I was having a showing either until recently!!] Happy Easter.


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Its taken me a while but I must have read the old Jareth’s realm back to front by now. I was so excited to happen to stumble upon your new site here this evening. !!!! I’d love to send you some of my personal analysis of the movie, Ive read yours here, and was excited to find that there are more articles than in the previous site. My observation differs a little from those I have read of yours so I think I’d like to share them with you. I currently discuss the film and have heavy in-depth conversations about it with people on the net, it helps to generate complex thoughts on the movie. A few days ago I produced a new analysis of Sarah’s character, and some of the people who have been anlayzing the movie for longer than I have said my ideas were clear and fresh, and spot on in their opinion. I would love to have your views on them, or to be given the chance to share them with you. I particularly like your takes on Sarah’s costume changes and the implications this has on her development.

How would I go about sending you something?

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