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The triumphant ending of (un)real life, season 5…

The triumphant ending of (un)real life, season 5… published on 1 Comment on The triumphant ending of (un)real life, season 5…

…can be seen here. I enjoyed shooting this ep. Since it’s basically just a series of close-ups of dolls that, of course, don’t change expression, all the emotion is transmitted through the poses and the angles…and some minimal addition of closed eyelids [my one concession]. My favorite is the second picture of them lying together. They look so happy…but only for a moment. Stupid drama. :p

If any of you actually read this stuff, watch for cool changes on the (un)real life front. In an effort to extend the readership and general popularity, I’m changing the name, revamping [haw haw] the site, designing T-shirts [“This old thing? Oh, it’s for my Web comic…”] and trying to figure out how to promote it. I’m so excited about the new name. It sounds juicy and vampiric and kinky and looks good on T-shirts. It’s much more attention-getting than (un)real life, which is boring. I just have to figure out how to add another domain name onto my current package and re-route it to my actual site’s location.

In conclusion, the comic will go on hiatus while I work on overhauling it. We’ll pick back up in a few weeks. I’ll keep you updated, assuming I’m not just talking into a black hole…

1 Comment

ah ha!

Mwah ha ha ha! It’s me, the Heather! I found you again! I keep losing touch and then finding you. I’m glad I didn’t miss too much on the comic after going, “WHAT?! Where is it?!” 😉 I am doing faboo. I am living in Austin and going to graduate school and I’m head-over-heels in love. I’ve got a boyfriend. 😉 I’m not on livejournal anymore, but I am on myspace. The URL is: Hope to talk to you soon!


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