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On the bleeding edge between classy and trashy…

On the bleeding edge between classy and trashy… published on No Comments on On the bleeding edge between classy and trashy…

…please see Dollmore’s recent additions to the clothing line for their 70 cm Model Doll [Frank’s body].

It’s summer time, and you know what that means?! It’s the season of sexual provocation, during which you reduce admirers to quivering lumps of admiration with your blatantly tantalizing and perfectly tailored wardrobe.

Catch everyone’s eyes with the Purity Dress set [$109.00], which looks all nice and innocent… Then people come closer and realize that the asymmetrical hemline allows them to look quite close to your underwear and the included jacket has a hot, corset-like style. Why settle for just one aspect of ye olde Victorianne Madonna/whore dichotomy when, with this outfit, you can embody both at the same time?!

While we’re on the subject of making people’s brains explode, don’t forget another bewitching number, the White Lily set [$66.00]. Like the Purity Dress set, it appears to be all about virginal innocence, but it’s really all about SEX!! Really, now…what else do you have on your mind with nearly-transparent white layers and knee-high fishnets? [If you get a bit cold in all that white chiffon, put our white balloon sleeve T [$15.00] on backwards. You’ll keep your arms warm, and the keyhole design will show off your boobs.]

And, if you really want to mess with people’s heads, try the genteel gender-bending number, Woman in Black [$109.00]. Directly inspired by all those hot suits you see these days on the androgynous guys, Woman in Black is specifically tailored for your model-like form. So you can have all the power and dominance that come from the severity of a cool black suit, along with the fun that comes along from monkeying with people’s gender stereotypes. To add to the ambiguity, cut off the flower and ditch the pearls; substitute a tie instead, and let the fun begin.

When the sun sets, that’s when things just start to heat up. And that’s when you need some leather against your skin. Try our leather hot pants [$18.00] or our leather mini [$18.00]. You’ll look smoking, perfect for clubbing or streetwalking!

And don’t forget shoes. Basic black pumps [$38.00] project that perfect polished corporate image in the boardroom and go well with everything. By night, though, you want to achieve a more…ahem…intimidating look. So strap on the high style boots [$59.00] and kindle instant shoe fetishes in otherwise non-kinky people. Cat-o’-nine-tails and haughty look not included, but not that hard to achieve when you’re wearing shoes like this….

If I had to judiciously choose just a few pieces from the fabulous new line-up for Frank, I would select…

  1. Woman in Black [$109.00] for mix-‘n’-match purposes, not to mention genderfuck
  2. the bustier [$17.00] because it is all about the boobs!!!
  3. Long Cut boots [$55.00], not mentioned in the copy above, but more versatile than the aforementioned boots that go up to your doll’s crotch

Jareth is my portrait doll. Jennifer is my portable doll. Frank is clearly my clotheshorse doll. :p

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