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Bloodsuckers invade Boston!!

Bloodsuckers invade Boston!! published on No Comments on Bloodsuckers invade Boston!!

If you have no idea what Love Has Fangs is all about, bite off  what you can chew NOW with the post season 5 interlude, beginning today. Learn what all those dead people are up to and why you should care. [Note: it involves lesbians, pink hair and vampires…that’s why! :p Even pink-haired lesbian vampires!]

Check out Vignette 1, in which our charming protagonists square off in a game of Who Has The Most Dysfunctional Life?

Don’t forget to gimme some love and leave a comment [over on Love Has Fangs, not here].

Oh yeah…and tell your friends. This comic has got something for everyone [well, mostly everyone]. If you’re a fantasy lover, it’s got vampires and ghosts. If you’re a sci-fi lover, it’s got mad scientists and cyborgs. If you’re a doll lover or action figure freak, you can watch me try to pose my characters realistically. If you’re a photographer, you can criticize my simple sets and painfully amateur photoing techniques.  If you’re a lover of drama, I’ve got more storylines going here than an average hour-long show on the WB. And if you’re a writer, hey…it’s not that badly written either.

Note to all you BJD lovers: I’m gonna suck you in too…just you wait… Stay tuned for the drama with the creepy vampire-killing character… Heh heh heh! Then I can legitimately pimp out post about Love Has Fangs on DOA.

P.S. Please leave a comment on the Love Has Fangs site!

P.P.S. Watch for T-shirts.

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