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Stuff I want in no particular order updated

Stuff I want in no particular order updated published on No Comments on Stuff I want in no particular order updated
  • Basic Photography: CCAE course, $149.00
  • Summer Light: CCAE course, $125.00
  • The Art of Reviewing: CCAE course, $125.00
  • Pirates, Sailors and Pasta: A North End Walk: CCAE course, $37.00
  • What Makes Harvard Square a Square?: CCAE course, $37.00
  • Boston’s Historic South End: A Walking Tour: CCAE course, $20.00
  • Mastering the Art of Aloneness: CCAE course, $44.00
  • Arthur Spiderwick’s Guide to the Fantastical World Around You: $24.95 
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection (Seasons 1-7): $220.00 
    Twilight Zone Season 1: $96.00
    Twilight Zone Season 2: $80.00
    Twilight Zone Season 3: $90.00
    Twilight Zone Season 4: $90.00
    Twilight Zone Season 5: $80.00
  • Mirror Mask: $26.96
  • 12″ Drusilla action figure: $45.00
  • Elfdoll Tiny Adel: ~$300.00
  • Elfdoll Rainydoll Nabee: ~$750.00
  • a haircut
  • a new pair of shoes
  • the domain name for my Web comic
  • and a really good computer with a flatscreen monitor and a DVD player that doesn’t seize up in the middle of Minority Report!!!
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