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Different degrees of death [Love Has Fangs]

Different degrees of death [Love Has Fangs] published on No Comments on Different degrees of death [Love Has Fangs]

Well, goodbye, Muriel. As of today’s ep, “6.2: Pomegranate Land,” Will’s ex no longer belongs to the cast of Love Has Fangs. I’ll tell you a secret, though. Despite the fact that she has disappeared from the story line, she still stands on the “active duty” shelves around my desk. I can’t bear to put her away. Maybe it’s the stark simplicity of the Destiny headsculpt and paint ops. Maybe it’s the dramatic Galadriel gown / nightgown she wears. Maybe I just like her passionate and pissed-off personality too much to let her out of my sight.

There are various levels of death in Love Has Fangs. One type of death is the end of the mortal life. For some characters, like Will’s parents, this death is the end of their existence. For other characters, like Anneka and Will, the end of mortal life involves a transformation and a rebirth as a supernatural. 

Another type of death is the end of the supernatural life. Caveat, Dom’s right-hand man, clearly suffered this kind of death unwillingly. In this ep, by contrast, Muriel seems to welcome the end of her supernatural life.

I’m really attached to Caveat and Muriel, so I often wonder if there’s another level of life and death in my story so I can bring them back…an endless resuscitation between sleeping and waking.

I really need to get either a feed for Love Has Fangs or a “bounce” LJ so that persons with LJs can subscribe and comment easily!

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