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The dirty secrets of Love Has Fangs

The dirty secrets of Love Has Fangs published on No Comments on The dirty secrets of Love Has Fangs

Today marks the beginning of a new occasional supplement to LHF, When No One’s Watching. The first installment concerns Maximilian, Anneka’s dad. With such a large cast of characters, only a few are ever in the spotlight at a time. The other ones are still living their lives, though, just undocumented…until now. Now you can find out the cast’s dark, dirty secrets.

I started this supplement because I really like my characters. They all have detailed back stories that extend across decades and even generations, but, usually, only a small portion of this character development shows up in the main arcs. With the supplement, I get an excuse to play with my people more.

I also want to show off my kitchen. Isn’t it neat? I picked it up at Goodwill last night for $1.50. I’ve long coveted the Barbie kitchen as a backdrop, but it came with all sorts of plastic food and utensils that I already had. I finally just got the backdrop for a reasonable price.

Oh…and a deep, dark secret of my own… As you can probably tell, I don’t actually have a Max doll [YET!]. Despite the fact that he’s Anneka’s dad, I just haven’t given him a physical form yet. I need to find a Robert E. Lee doll…

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