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1:6 BJDs: Jennifer, Daisy and Geordie

1:6 BJDs: Jennifer, Daisy and Geordie published on 1 Comment on 1:6 BJDs: Jennifer, Daisy and Geordie

This is probably the only time you’ll ever see all my 1:6 BJDs together, since Jennifer belongs to the 1:3 universe with Jareth and Frank, and Daisy and Geordie belong to the Love Has Fangs universe. They are making cross-dimensional connections for the sake of your edification, though. 😀

Geordie is three years old. She likes to play with her Uncle Dominic. She doesn’t know that he is a vampire. She thinks that his hair is cool. She likes to climb on him. She also likes the Red Sox…and her fairy dress. She wears her baseball cap all the time. She wears it to day care. She wears it to Sunday school. She wears it to bed.  Dom calls her the Baseball Fairy.

Here’s Daisy the vampire killer, currently unpainted. No details about her. You’ll just have to read Love Has Fangs and follow along for her dramatic debut. As you can see, she fits in Bratz Boyz clothes, but I have no idea about shoes.

And, just for reference, here are all my 1:6 BJDs….

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