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Volks SD16 girl slips in under the radar.

Volks SD16 girl slips in under the radar. published on 2 Comments on Volks SD16 girl slips in under the radar.

With all the hoopla about the Volks SD16 boy at the end of last year, I expected the Volks SD16 to come with a similar fanfare. Nope. Olivia Morgan just snuck in quietly as an LE 100 available only at some party and then through Fashion Doll Quarterly.

Buzz over on DOA is lukewarm. People like the more mature body, but the jointless ankles really turn them off. People also seem to like her more mature face, but everyone pretty much agrees she looks like a female form of Yukinojo. Both DOA speculation and the FDQ behind-the-scenes article conclude that Volks is chasing the American fashion doll market and therefore introducing a BJD with some of the same qualities [curvaceousness, blond hair, pointy feets] as Barbie.

I really like her. She has the type of body that Frank should have: tall, thick, strong and curvy. She also has a very sweet face that begs to be glammed up. She’s also much less expensive [as these things go] than Yukinojo. You can order her over at the FDQ site for $969 + $11 s/h in the USA. Not that I’m about to break my bank account for her. Frank could still kick her butt any day. :p Wanna see some pictures?

Olivia, AKA Yukinojo on estrogen.

Frank wants these clothes.


From an engineering standpoint, i can see why they potentially fixed the ankle joints if they were committed to the high-heel feet; with such a large, heavy body, she probably fell right over with mobile ankles without boots. Personally, i would have preferred jointed feet a la Hypermaniac or the Flexi body.

I think i figured out what bothers me about her; for such a mature-looking sculpt, her head is kind of top-heavy. I’d like to see her forehead and the sides of her skull sanded back a bit and the eyebrows painted further up.

I think that jointed feet and ankles might actually promote stability, allowing for small distributions of weight. Sueding and wiring really helps the stability of lower limbs.

You’re right — her forehead is large and wide. Her current eyebrows really don’t flatter her either, making her look beetle-browed and annoyed.


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