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An African BJD!

An African BJD! published on 1 Comment on An African BJD!

Every so often, someone on DOA asks, “Hey, where are all the BJDs with darker skin: Indians, Hispanics, Arabs and Africans? Why the heck are they all so deathly pale?” While more dark dolls have appeared in the last year [see, for example, Luts “tanning” dolls], they have usually been darker versions of the original pale editions. In my mind, this is like making an African Barbie from the same mold as the Caucasian Barbie, changing only the color of the plastic. Skin color alone does not denote race. There are differences in facial features that most BJD companies have not reflected in their sculpts.

…Until Iplehouse Cocori, who boots SD16 Olivia’s bland lil ass out of the ballpark in terms of quality and quantity.

She just came out today and, according to her character description — she is already recognized as “a black pearl” — she was explicitly developed as a dark-skinned [African??] doll. She’s the first BJD I’ve seen who a) was planned and first issued as a dark-skinned character and who b) looks like an African character, as opposed to a very brown Caucasian character.

From the photos I’ve seen, I really like her. Her body seems to combine strength [especially the neck!] with elegant poseability. I even like her more than the Dollmore Model body because she has an under bust joint and a hip joint, making her more poseable. Her arms seem well-proportioned [as opposed to the DM Model’s scrawny arms] with functional, but well-hidden, double-ganged joints.

I think she’s another one of those dolls, like Elfdoll Nabee, that I would get if I had the money and the space. She’s just so beautiful!

EDIT: Buzz on DOA says that Cocori is not a strict LE, available only once, then never again. She will be released in small batches, produced sporadically but continuously. 

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I jsut saw her a few minutes ago, and blurted out “OMG A SISTA.” At my desk. Teach me to browse on break.

I think she’s fantastic; one of the very few female dolls i’ve liked on sight. It would actually be nice if they released her in a lighter tan as well.

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