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Frank molests lawn ornaments…

Frank molests lawn ornaments… published on 1 Comment on Frank molests lawn ornaments…

Yesterday Boston-area doll dorks and I converged on a New England Winter Wonderland convention for a small meet-up. After hanging around in the dealer’s room and droooooooooooooling for a few hours, we repaired to our own meeting area…  Before we did that, though, some of us ventured to Newbury Street in search of food. On the way back from Greek cuisine, Frank perpetrated lewd acts on the contents of a lawn ornament display. :p

1 Comment

for the first photo…
“Aw come on, he’s amphibious! He doesn’t *care* if he gets wet.”
for the second…
“One minute warning, then it’s MY turn!”
for the third…
“Ooh la la! What a thorough application of pixie dust! Woo!”
for the fourth…
“Hmmm…wonder how I’d look as a blond?”
for the fifth…(come on, you know I had to)
“I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you
I touch myself…”

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