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Sardonix 2.0!!!

Sardonix 2.0!!! published on No Comments on Sardonix 2.0!!!

Sardonix is reincarnating [or reinresinating, since she’s not a flesh-based character] as a Luts Juri 2006 head on a ShinyDoll Thaasa body. Here you can see the stability and posability of the Thaasa body. While scrawny, it has an elegantly engineered flow that Domuya’s Flexi body, which looks blatantly mechanical, does not. I’m looking for Thaasa measurements, since I hear that the body is smaller around the waist than the average 60 cm girl, maybe closer to Obitsu size? If so, Sardonix could share clothes with Jennifer. [Not that Sardonix wears too many clothes…] Anyway, I look forward with interest and excitement to Sardonix’ new head, currently en route. It’s much more mischievous and androgynous than her original sleepy elfy Lishe head. No needle nose or rosebud lips either, much to my pleasure.

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