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Sardonix will upgrade.

Sardonix will upgrade. published on No Comments on Sardonix will upgrade.

The unofficial neck mod that Angel Toast did is not working out well. The added thickness of the neck reduces Sardonix’ mobility. Therefore, I am buying another Thaasa torso directly from the maker, who has also developed a neck adapter especially for new Cerebrus Project heads, of which Sardonix is one. Then I will restring Sardonix with her new torso and neck adapter, and she will be even more annoying poseable than she is now!

It will be kind of expensive [$100+] to upgrade Sardonix, but I will finance her changes with the successful sale of my 1:6 BJDs [an Elfdoll Tiny Jin dal Re and a Limwha For You, sold just this weekend] and my federal and state tax refunds!

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