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The final word on Den of Demons

The final word on Den of Demons published on No Comments on The final word on Den of Demons

This is what I said in a post to

  about the Den of Demons: 


My experience with DOD is that the most of the members like to rip on anything that is unusual and imperfectly done. For example, my Jareth, modded Hound, was deformed according to my specifications by Armeleia, but he has been pooped on at DOD because he’s so unusual. My Frank, a Yukinojo on a Model Doll Girl body, has been pooped on for a bold, schematic make-up [done by me in a manner obviously different from the super-smooth and realistic look favored by many persons for their BJDs’ faceups]. Admittedly, a small vocal minority of DODers also say that my dolls’ looks are strong, original and aesthetically interesting, but DOD leaves the overall impression of closed minds.

All of this is to say that you should not compare your results to their opinions. Compare your results to your previous efforts, Timmian to Bastian, for example — worlds of difference, more subtlety and finer detail on Timmian! Compare your results to informed persons…to anything but the poopings of bitter persons with too much time and too few brains.

I do find DOD salutary in sporadic doses because its venom balances out the unremitting sweetness, light and veiled animosity of DOA. Other than that, I do not find it useful.


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