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i’m in ur fridge peein in ur sodaz

i’m in ur fridge peein in ur sodaz published on No Comments on i’m in ur fridge peein in ur sodaz

Choo cha!! I just won an Ebay auction for Elfdoll’s Devil Hana. I’m bringing home the single doll and turning it into the dicephalus conjoined twins that I mentioned previously. They are called Delenda and Submit.

Submit, the annoying, rambunctious, sadistic one, has brown bobbed hair. Her name comes from one of my ancestors. It’s clearly supposed to contrast with her character. Delenda, the reserved, thoughtful one, has dreadlocked pink hair. Her name comes from the gerundive of necessity in Latin, demonstrated in the sentence “Carthago delenda est,” which means “Carthage must be destroyed!” Delenda and Submit do not get along in terms of character, but they do love to ride their bike together. I think they are small demon-like creatures from the same realm as Sardonix [who is a succubus, in case you didn’t know].

This post gets its title from one of the Hana Devil’s faceplates, which is a big squinty smirk. It’s an “I just peed in your soda!” expression if I’ve ever seen one.

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