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Submit’s here!

Submit’s here! published on 1 Comment on Submit’s here!

Submit, my Elfdoll Hana, arrived today. When I inspected her, I clarified a few things. As much as I enjoy modding dolls, Submit is too attractive and well-made and generally endearing to change. Therefore she no longer has a conjoined sister. She is just a singular little demon with a different disposition than originally planned. Instead of peein in ur sodaz, she prefers to ride her bike and play Scrabble. She likes practical wear for outdoor games and does not like dresses, skirts and frills. She has an intellectual, introverted bent, probably because she is not evil at all, even though demons are expected to be at the very least mischievous. She is probably a mini dyke in the making. 😀 She will be an interesting counterpoint to the explosive, sarcastic, impulsive Sardonix. Pictures eventually…

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