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Sabik’s head fits on a Dollshe body!!

Sabik’s head fits on a Dollshe body!! published on 3 Comments on Sabik’s head fits on a Dollshe body!!

Someone over at DOA provided pictures of Sabik’s head on a 70cm Dollshe boy body, concluding that the results were a scary failure. I disagree. The head looks slightly too large, but that’s not a problem, for a few reasons…

First of all, a Sabik head on a Dollshe body is about 7 heads high. The ideally proportioned male body is 8 heads high, but real people show great variation, so it is possible that a male could be 7 heads high. 

Second of all, the Sabik head fits in stylistically on a Dollshe body. The Dollshe body is characterized by a lean physique, elongated rectangular forms and fine detail. Sabik’s head also has elongated rectangular forms and fine detail. While the Sabik head may be a bit too big, its stylistic harmony with the Dollshe body overcomes some of the size difference.

Finally, the largeness of Sabik’s head can be mitigated with creative costuming and posing. I’ve already had experience with a big-headed doll, Frank, a Yukinojo head on a Bella Auden body, and I’ve learned that certain angles [de-emphasizing the poofy hair] and certain outfits [balloon sleeves to add bulk to his scrawny arms] compensate well for the size difference between his head and the rest of him.  If a Sabik/Dollshe hybrid were clothed and photographed with a modicum of skill, I believe that it would look great.

All of this is, of course, a neat way of convincing myself that a Sabik head would work on Jareth’s body so I could make a Will doll. Picture below.


I think it looks fine — in fact, I generally think that Dollshe heads run a little small (Bermann is just right, Hound is a little peanutty, and Saint and Bernard, while I love the sculpts, are just TINY on those tall bodies, especially next to other dolls!)

Dolls aren’t meant to have EXACTLY human proportions anyway, so I think it looks quite good — and far better than Sabik’s rather spidery and odd body proportions in general.

— A <3

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