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Will’s [complete and utter lack of] fashion sense

Will’s [complete and utter lack of] fashion sense published on 1 Comment on Will’s [complete and utter lack of] fashion sense

A quick survey of LHF reveals the following instances:

pink with bangs
brown with bangs
pink spikes
white spikes
orange spikes
red spikes

tank with vertical pastel stripes
lime green muscle shirt with lavender trim
transparent pink paisley midriff top with bell sleeves
baggy black tank
white mesh short-sleeved top
black mesh long-sleeved midriff shirt
transparent pink diamond printed midriff top with 3/4 sleeves
olive drab muscle shirt
one-strap violently pink midriff tank
white short-sleeved pinstripe button-up shirt
black T-shirt
black leather corset

sleeveless black pleather trench
black pinstripe blazer
black leather trench
leopard print long coat

silver low-riding bell-bottoms
brown low-riding curdoroy bell-bottoms
dusty rose low-riding stretch bell-bottoms
purple pleather pants with pink and gold flames
denim surfer shorts
black pleather hot pants
burgundy leather pants with white racing stripes
red, white and black camo bell-bottoms
olive drab cargo pants
wide-legged blue denim skater jeans with patches
grey nylon gym pants
pink miniskirt
tan shorts

multiple golden bangle bracelets
black fishnet arm warmers
violently hot pink arm warmers
pink paisley sash
black leather belt
black fishnets

black platform high-heeled Mary Janes
gold high-heeled boots
black calf-high high-heeled leather boots
red thigh-high high-heeled vinyl boots
black leather boots

plastic fuschia camera bag with shoulder strap
lavender cell phone

Frank N. Furter costume

Wow, this survey makes my brain hurt. Will clearly favors red and black, although he’s very partial to shades of pink and green as well. He has a frightening affinity for midriff-baring, transparent shirts, as well as an affinity for bellbottoms, especially when paired with the midriff-baring, transparent shirts. Since he likes trench coats, wide legs and bell sleeves in general, I assume he likes clothes that move loosely and dramatically. [I can just see him as a wizard practicing his robe-swirling maneuvers.] If I had gone any further in the story, I would have had to find some loose, long, light skirts for him. Anyway, it’s absolutely impossible to miss him when he walks by, what with the brain-hurting clothes and the racket made by his high heels and his bracelets. What a fun character to make a doll of!

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