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Custom sculpted BJD heads from DIM studios

Custom sculpted BJD heads from DIM studios published on 1 Comment on Custom sculpted BJD heads from DIM studios

Denny Kim, representative of Doll In Mind, struck up a thread about likeness BJDs earlier this year. After an initial spurt of interest and a round of orders in mid-February, the first set of custom sculpts are surfacing on DOA with model photos for comparison.

Oh, the results are beautiful! The talented sculptors working for DIM have a genius for translating photos into 3-D likenesses. The amount of accuracy varies, depending on whether a person choses a stylized likeness [50% similar to photos] or a realistic likeness [80% similar to photos], but overall the results are impressive. All the sculpts so far capture the recognizable, essential details that make each commission individual; furthermore, even though the sculpts are drawn from photos with neutral expressions, this does not mean a bland or vapid look. Each example sculpt so far shows an expression that is flexible enough to be interpreted in multiple ways, but still indelibly stamped with the likeness of the model photos.

Now I’m thinking that I’d like a Mini Mee custom head for Will, rather than a Sabik. It would be much cheaper than getting a whole doll of which I would only use the head. [The Mini Mee price runs about $400, excluding shipping, for 2 heads. But I don’t need 2 heads!!] But I do not know if the Mini Mee heads will be offered again; the continuation of the project depends on the level of interest. I also don’t know exactly what model pictures I would use for Will…

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I am a sculptor, and a fan of Supernatural. I am presently at work on making bjds of the boys, and I will be sculpting their heads myself. I am a grown-up artist, with 35 years experience in sculpture, and two bronzes to my credit. Am I syked about making my own, poseable, playwithable Winchester brothers? YOU BETCHA! I did not thinnk anybody else would be interested in bjds and the boys. But your journal came up in a search for both I did. Just wanted to see if anybody else out there was making a set. I will also be doing Castiel. I never analyzed the show as deeply as you seem to; I am just a horror writer seeking to be amused. Anyway, if I hear from you, I’ll send you pics.

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