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Results of tiramisu experimentation

Results of tiramisu experimentation published on 2 Comments on Results of tiramisu experimentation

I checked out my tiramisu made from the improvisational recipe mentioned earlier.

It looked like tiramisu, smelled like tiramisu and behaved like tiramisu. It didn’t taste quite like tiramisu, though. Things to change when I make it again:

Put more sweetener in the ricotta.

Experiment with artificial sweetener.

Possibly thin the ricotta by adding some skim milk.

Or put half whipped topping, half ricotta, to make it less sludgy.

Soak both sides of the angel food cake until it is soggy all the way through, but not disintegrating. It will harden a bit in the fridge.

Do not put cocoa on top. It tastes like chalk.

Make small experimental versions with just a few ladyfingers.


For sweetner, maybe try stevia powder? It doesn’t take a lot, and it’s quite sweet, without causing the insulin spikes that sugar and some artificial sweetners cause. Also, if you have a hand mixer or a food processor, or maybe even just a blender, try buzzing the ricotta in that to smooth it out?

I’m sure you can work plain yogurt in there somewhere, too. I like to use plain yogurt in ways that seem inappropriate like that. I tried making a recipe that promised to yield results much like little lumps of expensive yummy goodness from Sam’s Club called Aussie Bites, but the resulting concoction was far too dry. When I try it again, I shall not follow the recipe I used, and I shall involve plain yogurt.

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