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A new arm and some more love for Jennifer

A new arm and some more love for Jennifer published on 1 Comment on A new arm and some more love for Jennifer

Since Jennifer’s elbow joint broke at the last Burlington meet, I’ve been waiting for replacement parts. Today I received them, so I installed her new elbow and forearm. Temporarily thwarted by an overly tight elbow joint, I then realized that the hemispherical halves of each “ball” in the Obitsu joints are actually caps concealing a screw that holds the joint together. I loosened this screw with a letter opener and got her new elbow to the appropriate tension. I also fixed her loose right leg by tightening her knee screw.

As I took apart and put back together the Obitsu body, I admired Jennifer. I realized that I have not paid much individual attention to her since getting her last November; for example, she hasn’t had a photoshoot of her own. But, now that I have calibrated her so that she is more mobile and poseable, I appreciate her much more. I recognize what drew me to her when I first saw her last summer at Ivy’s house. When calibrated correctly, the Obitsu body is a tough and flexible poser. Additionally, I love my Jennifer because of her face. Her expression and her maturity fluctuate slightly with each angle. Such an unstable physiognomy works well for a character who is both childlike and full-grown, sexual and also innocent. [Plus I like her glowing eyes.]

Blah blah blah, silly photostory below.

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That’s soooo funny!!! I just recently got into the doll world, starting off with my own little 27cm Obitsu, whom I’ve named Rowan… Either way, I was wondering how much you knew about the larger dolls, more specifically the 70cm… I googled 70cm bjd and only came up with ebay sites, and your blog, which the name alone caught my eye… My e-mail is… Thank you! And Jennifer is very pretty… Even if she does want new hair… ^_^

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