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Just The Right Shoe [tm]: adaptable?

Just The Right Shoe [tm]: adaptable? published on 6 Comments on Just The Right Shoe [tm]: adaptable?

I’ve seen Just The Right Shoe shoe sculptures in tchotchke shops. The designs have attracted me, but the fact that there is only ONE shoe has annoyed me. However, now that I see that they are 4 inches long, I think that there might be an actual use for these frustrating collectibles. You see…4 inches = 10.16 cm, which is about 2 cm longer than Sabik’s feets [8.3 cm] and generally about 1:3. Perhaps it is possible to modify some of these JTRSs into fabulous footwear for my dolls…namely WIll, for whom I cannot find a decent pair of atrocious heels to save my life… JTRSs sold here.

Fete miniature shoes are sold through Amazon.

Disco sandal keychains…?

High-heeled pump keychains…?

And these…oh, these…are the ultimate in coolness: Disco Diva JTRSs. Cheap here.


Hum. Even having to buy two, they’re still slightly cheaper than most BJD shoes, depending on style, and far more wide-ranging. Now the real question is: are they straights, or is it all left shoes?

Some of the slipper styles may be undifferentiated, but most are just…the right shoe. But, if I can find a shoe that isn’t greatly differentiated, I may ignore the difference, assuming this idea even works…


Aren’t JTRS made of resin? That may make it tough to put on a foot (the solid resin foot would possibly defeat the spindly resin shoe straps) Still, I understand the desire for shoooooozzzz…..

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