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Sabik’s measurements, according to Mire Lapin on DOA

Sabik’s measurements, according to Mire Lapin on DOA published on No Comments on Sabik’s measurements, according to Mire Lapin on DOA

I’m gonna compare these to measurements for Jareth and see what clothes Will might fit into. The stupendousness is fascinating, huh?


1. Neck: 11 cm
Neck Front: 4.8 cm
Neck Back 3.6 cm
*I know it doesn’t add up, but it works*
2. Shoulder Width: 16.5 cm
3. Chest: 33 cm
Seam to Seam
Front armholes 13.1 cm
Back armholes: 14.3 cm
11. Natural waist: 24cm
12. Biceps: 9.2 cm (skinny boy!)
13. Wrist: 7cm
14. Palm: 10.5 cm
15 Hip: 29 cm
16. Thigh: 16.3 cm
17. Leg Width: 4.8 cm
18. Knee: 11.5 cm


20. Center Front to Waist: 14.6 cm
25. Side front to Waist: 17.8 cm
27. Shoulder point to Center waist, Front: 17 cm
28. Center Back (nape to waist): 17 cm
29. Side Back: 17.4 cm
30. Shoulder point to Center Waist, Back: 16.8 cm
31. Armpit to Waist: 8.7 cm
32. Length (bent): 27 cm * I like them on the long side*
33. Shoulder to Elbow: 13.5 cm
34. Sleeve cap: 4 cm
35. Waist to Hip: 8 cm
36. Waist to knee: 28.5 cm
37. Waist to Floor: 50.8 cm
38. Inseam: 38.6 cm
39. Crotch Depth: 11cm

Based on these measurements and the eyeballing of my BJD wardrobe, I expect Will to fit into the following:

Tops: stretchy lace leotard, the black sweater with red trim, the men’s white dress shirt with sleeves up, the lace shirt, blank tank, Hell Queen bodice [with some wedging]

Bottoms: Hell Queen velvet bloomers [hah!], Kala skirt, red leggings [legs too short], grey leggings [legs too short]

Shoes: Jareth’s shitkickers, Frank’s faaaaahbulous pink glitter-shitting boots

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