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Goodbye, Submit!

Goodbye, Submit! published on

Good news: Submit has a buyer!

Bad news: Submit has a buyer.

Submit is being sold to help me pay expenses this summer. I am selling her, as opposed to the other ones, because she is the least customized and most desireable of my BJDs on which I can easily make back my purchase price.

I am sad because I will miss her because she is an enjoyable character. Her swappable faceplates make her the most expressive doll that I own. Her small size and large, stubborn personality also make for entertaining photostories… However, if, after my expenses are paid off, I still want a doll of her, I can easily get one in the same manner that I sold off, then replaced, Sardonix 1.0. Her replaceability is also a factor in her sale.

I can already tell that Submit thinks of her sale less as a sad departure and more as an exciting new adventure.

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