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TNT’s Witchblade on [unofficial] DVD!

TNT’s Witchblade on [unofficial] DVD! published on No Comments on TNT’s Witchblade on [unofficial] DVD!

In the summer of 2001 and 2002, I watched both seasons of TNT’s Witchblade with a friend.

[Well, I watched season 1 religiously, then dropped out after season 2.] I loved that show: a perfect blend of kick-ass action, sexy stars [O Yancy Butler! O Eric Etebari!], and, most of all, a great balance between slick stylishness in the fight scenes and suggestive murky mysticism in the origin myths. It was perfect mindless popcorn fare.

After enjoying Yancy Butler’s irresistible mouth the show [dammit!], I sought for it on VHS or DVD, but only found poor-quality VCDs. Loaded with skips and murky transfer, the discs, annoyingly enough, limited the viewing size to about 300 x 400 pixels. I could barely see Yancy Butler’s mouth in order to lust over it. Since Witchblade is a show that I enjoy watching the entire run of, I looked for alternatives with better picture quality and larger viewing size.

I just found my Holy Grail of DVDs! Here is an unofficial made-from-TV set of all of the eps in seasons 1 and 2 of Witchblade. The set is $100, but I would gladly pay twice that, just because I enjoy the show so much and have such sentimental attachments to it. It’s enough for me to have BTVS on my shelf and not watch it, but I watch Witchblade on my shelf and on my screen too! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! WOO HOO!

EDIT: I just found it for $70 here.

EDIT: And for $20 here.

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