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Whoop, Dan Savage has a podcast!!

Whoop, Dan Savage has a podcast!! published on No Comments on Whoop, Dan Savage has a podcast!!

If advice column letters are each novelettes waiting to be written, what better omniscient narrator to have than the intelligent snarkmeister Dan Savage, who writes weekly sex advice columns for The Stranger?

You can listen to his podcasts without downloading them [convenient for work where you should be listening through headphones]. Incidentally, I was introduced to his radio presence through This American Life, where I found him pretentious [but not as pretentious, precious, annoying and teeth-grindingly piss-offing as David Sedaris]. On his own podcast, though, he’s foul-mouthed and funny. I enjoy his podcast because he talks to the listeners as if he is a friend, with all the swearing, exaggeration and dumb jokes.

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