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Labyrinth animations

Labyrinth animations published on No Comments on Labyrinth animations

Holy fork, I’m clearly a) brain-dead and b) obsessed with Labyrinth. I just made about 50 [?] Meez animations of Jareth and Sarah so I can create a little version of Labyrinth. Preview below of Jareth doing what he does best: playing with his balls. This should tell you what kind of movie I’m making.

In my wildest dreams, the version will consist of GIF animations [thank you, Meez] and interstitial text, as in a silent movie, and clips from the appropriate songs in the background. I’ll settle for GIF animations and interstitial text, however. Watch my blog for further information about stupid animations. Labyrinth Lite — that’s what it should be called. Although there are a bunch of Meez music videos on Youtube, I’m fairly certain that the makers of this program did not envision people hacking out ridiculous little movies from it.

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