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Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl published on 4 Comments on Lars and the Real Girl

…is about a guy with a Real Doll and his brother and sister-in-law who are worried about him. The preview plays it as a comedy about a delusional, immature man who needs to migrate from silly, lifeless toys to much better real-life people. 

Plot-wise, that’s the least realistic thing imaginable. From my research [see documentary Guys and Dolls here] and experience, people who are that into dolls, especially sexual substitutes, usually pursue this interest because a) they’ve have bad experiences in the past with women or b) they actually aren’t interested in real women. In case a, they’ve turned away from interactions with real people, and they are not likely to turn back because they are soured. In case b, they fashion their experiences with love dolls to such an idealistic extent that no real women would ever satisfy them in the same way. All of this is to say that, if this were a realistic movie, the man would probably get a girlfriend who would break up with him because of his RealDoll, and he would return to the RealDoll, soured and even more intent on remaining with his safe, plastic toy.

That said, I’m very curious about the movie. While playing for obvious laughs, the preview seemed to treat all characters with respect. Hmmmm…


What’s weirder is that he doesn’t use the doll for sex ’cause both he, and the doll (in his imagination) are devout Christian.

How he managed to buy her or stumble on the site for her if that is the case, then, I do not know…

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