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Will and my music box

Will and my music box published on 4 Comments on Will and my music box

Now that I’ve moved to an apartment with more than two rooms, I have an improved set-up for photographing my dolls. My desk now sits in the living room with a filled-in fireplace to the left and two windows to the right. The wealth of natural light + white walls provides soft tones and bright colors, in contrast to my previous apartment, where yellow walls + way too much daylight produced overly warm tones and yellowy colors. These pictures were taken at about 5:15 PM.

Will is listening to my music box, which plays Fur Elise. He is wearing a hat from a My Friend Becky doll. His shirt is the I.B. Hunter default. His skirt is a peasant dress fitted for Doll More Model Dolls. His socks are Friend Gretel’s defaults. You can see how I heat-cured the fingers of his left hand into a cupping posture.


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