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New TV shows published on 4 Comments on New TV shows

Well, I wanted to watch the Moonlight premiere last week [about the tortured cliche vampire falling in love with a stereotype human woman], but I missed it. Maybe I’ll catch it this week, although I see that Pushing Daisies, another show about a human/undead relationship, is premiering tonight, so I might want to catch that. Furthermore, season 3 of Supernatural begins this Thursday, but I don’t know if I will be able to catch that, which is tragic, given my current VIOLENT crush on Jensen Ackles [who plays Dean]. Dammit…so many walking dead, so little time.


although I did just google Jensen Ackles and if I got the right pictures, I can’t see why you have a crush on him. He’s so…Backstreet Boy. That’s not an insult, I’m just confused. Maybe he’d look better all femmed up. Then again, I’m the one who tends not to go for guys if they aren’t gaydar bleeping, or painfully geeky, or slightly “ugly”, or longhaired. Most tv guys are too cleancut. My durable tv crushes? Ed from Northern Exposure, and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek. I’ve started to realize its less that I have a crush on Spike and more that I’d like to BE Spike because, well, he gets all the good lines. But getting his hair bleached so often must be murder on the scalp, don’t ya think? Because NOBODY has hair that blonde. Or if they do, they’ve got albinism; and he doesn’t seem to be wearing contacts . . . . ( :

I have a crush on him because I’m currently very interested in Supernatural. Plus I like the character of Dean, which he plays. Plus he really shines in the role, which allows him a lot of scope to show nuanced body language and smirks. I like smirks. Maybe you don’t know why I have a crush on him because you haven’t seen him actually acting. Now, if he was an intelligent and perceptive person like David Bowie or James Marsters, my crush would elevate into full-fledged respect, but I don’t know about the actual content of his personal character.

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