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tantamount to temerity

tantamount to temerity published on No Comments on tantamount to temerity

I checked out a fridge poetry community, but all the entries were too serious and/or pretentious, so I left for Magnetic Poetry, which has a Web site where you can futz with some of the kits. I used the Genius edition, which is more like the Regular Vocabulary edition for me. I like “tinged with galling language” and “tantamount to temerity” the best. They just speak trippingly on the tongue, you know. Tantamount and temerity are good words to eject contemptuously and if you get them both together you just have a veritable mortar spray of plosives!

your vicissitudes were
tinged with galling language
secreted in veiled books
by a trenchant cunning woman
whose mellifluous opinions
are tantamount to temerity

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