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How to make a web comic

How to make a web comic published on 2 Comments on How to make a web comic

 Option: 1:6 dolls and backdrops

I know how to do it.
Reasonable photography skills
Instant manipulation
Instant control over light and setting
Computer needed only in after work

I’m burned out on that medium.
Pasting them into photoed backgrounds takes time.
No diversity of body shapes
Takes so much time
Low-res results

Option 2: Software like iClone

Diversity of body shapes
Import faces of existing characters
Avatars look plasticky
Easy pasting in photoed backgrounds
Photography and composition skills applicable here
High-res results
Outlay equal to that of 1:6

Program’s learning curve
All time at computer
Less fluid, more stereotyped posing [fetal position, head in hands, handshake, eating, having sex poses available?]
Large initial outlay
How many characters per scene?

Option 3: Photos to line drawings

Simplification of messy photos
Just like original LHF

Just as much work as original LHF
Loss of significant, affecting detail
No showcase for photoed backgrounds

Option 4: Get a drawing partner

More time to concentrate on story

Lack of complete god-like creative control
Necessity of compromise
Infiltration of someone else into my ideas

Option 5: Draw a simple sketch comic

Characters easily caricatured

Lose subtleties of light, shade and expression
Can’t draw dynamic poses and backgrounds well

Option 6: Draw a detailed realistic full-body comic


Complete control
Limited by imagination, rather than doll shapes and clothes or software limitations

Lack of drawing skills

Option 7: BJDs and backdrops

High detail
Showcase for photography
Even moodier

Bank-breakingly expensive
Space hog

Option 8: Export from something like Sims

Highly customizable avatars
Shot control

Not compatible with photoed backgrounds
Existing faces not importable
Pathetic scenery
Too flat-looking, not plasticky enough


Um, you keep saying things won’t work with photoed backgrounds. Why not? You can cut them out and paste them over those, whether line drawings, poser programs, or whatever. You just have to raster them first.

I might be interested in being a drawing partner, if I was tracing with a vector program and we could reuse stuff where possible to keep the workload sane.

You could even take photos like you used to, then trace over the photos…there’s a universe of stuff…..hmmm…

As for sims skins not looking plasticky enough….have you looked at Or Both of those are modding communities, and a lot of creators take requests. Since the release of Nightlife and Seasons, the scenery’s expanded (if you’re talking outdoor scenery. Nightlife intro’d neighborhood view from the lot, and Seasons gave us weather and a lot more trees and stuff). But then, I’ve been a Sims addict for three years. 🙂

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