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More Poser stuff for LHF

More Poser stuff for LHF published on No Comments on More Poser stuff for LHF

Including dresses, gowns and skirts for Will, which were hiding under “robes” or “tribal clothing” or “Egyptian” because apparently you can’t search for “dress AND michael” [Michael = latest Daz 3D male character] and except to come up with anything, nooooo. I’m beginning to despair of finding corsetry. Forthwith, what I HAVE found…


Leopard love seat

Cell phone [iPhone]

Egg chair and sci fi furniture

Small bedroom and girl’s bedroom

Reto chair

Bookshelves, piles of books, single books and full shelves of books

Posable secretary chair

Big Bertha V4 morph

Eating and Drinking poses V4

Fishnet V4

More Designer Bed poses

Vampire, Playing Dead and Designer Bed 1 poses V4

Couples Designer Bed poses and Couples poses for Free Chair

Designer Bed and some Couples poses

Free Chair and poses, glasses

Facial piercings

Simple bed, night backgrounds, chrome furniture

Search for Lips Sofa under free stuff for Poser on Renderosity!

Bar Scene

Manual wheelchair

Fangs for both M3 and V4

Pharaoh of the Sun M3 [short-sleeved gown]

Tribal Clothing M3 [wrap skirt]

Dystopian MedBay

Victoria 4.1

Michael 3

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