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I learned a new word today…

I learned a new word today… published on 2 Comments on I learned a new word today…

An exceedingly rare occurrence, given that I know the standard “unusual words.” Today’s word is hypaethral.  Can you guess its meaning from the context in the following sentence?

We were thinking of putting a roof over our porch, but, if we leave it hypaethral, we’ll get more sunlight and we’ll have a convenient location to look at stars on clear nights.

It means roofless. I learned it at FreeRice, a vocab quick with a cheap charity gimmick. My vocab level on the quiz fluctuates between 47 and 50, although, now, after 200 words, I see that they are recycling some. What’s your score?


Incubus means nightmare? That was my guess, by association; I guess it’s just not the literal definition. Likewise, bodega means wine shop? Albedo doesn’t exactly mean whiteness, either…erm, anyway, I didn’t finish it, because it seems to go on forever, and I glossed over the choices, choosing incorrectly, and being sure the correct answer hadn’t been one of the choices… I was bouncing between 42 and 45 before I gave up. Sewing does not build vocabulary (besides the absolute answer to “voile.”)

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