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Skirt wrangling

Skirt wrangling published on 1 Comment on Skirt wrangling

Me trying to make Will wear something more in his style. Every time he moves his legs, though, they poke through the skirt, so I have to fix that. Remarks were made that his is not a very sophisticated outfit. This is true. He can dress very much the macho part [with relative success], but, when it comes to his true tastes, they are either flamboyant or clueless or both… The best part of this outfit are the boots, which are textured with a picture of a swirling pink fantasy planet!! Please also note that he is flaming, as per the flames on his shirt. Nyar har har.

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I don’t know why, but with his new face and with that shirt, in that outfit he makes me think of the creepy old leery guy in a kilt who I kept seeing in the techno room at ManRay.


I don’t mean to be mean, but his current incarnation, with that face and those clothes, he feels like a creepy old man who hangs out with college students and hits on/stalks girls young enough to be his daughters and they go ewww and run away. I knew one of those, and I was one of the hit on/followed people, so it is familiar to me.

But in the old LHF, he didn’t seem that way to me. Not so much, anyway.

I dunno, this is just stream of consciousness.

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