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Portrait of Will

Portrait of Will published on 2 Comments on Portrait of Will

Tonight I learned that you can put makeup maps developed for Victoria onto Michael’s face. However, when the designers made makeup maps for Victoria, they apparently erased her eyebrows and replaced them with thin, high lines that make her look revoltingly surprised. I ended up approximating Will’s makeup by pasting the eyes from Victoria’s map onto a map for Will. Then I just changed his lip color in the Surfaces menu, with some gloss from the Victoria maps. Besides all this, I also closed his eyes slightly so that he doesn’t look so much like a bug, then puckered his lips slightly, since his mouth is supposed to be short.  If anyone says he looks like an aging queen, why, you’re right. He looks a little softer with makeup on. It’s definitely an improvement from his stark look with invisible eyelashes….


I have to do this…
I’m your private dancer,
a dancer for money,
I’ll do what you want me to do…

hee hee hee

Yeah, he looks like any second he’s going to be getting a fountain of jizz all over his shirt…its that vaguely worried look he has.

The makeup does make him look softer though. But that lipstick is not his best color! Something with a little more purple as a dark highlight to match with his hair better might be nicer.

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