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Happy Halloween from a sweet transvestite!!

Happy Halloween from a sweet transvestite!! published on 3 Comments on Happy Halloween from a sweet transvestite!!

Here’s Will again as he dresses for the Harvard Square midnight showings of Rocky Horror, which, he would like you to know, he attends very rarely, and he only played Riff that one time because he had promised the girl who usually played him that he would do it, and besides, he never would have done it if he wasn’t drunk, and the only thing he is going to say about the Short Skirts showing is that “madness takes its toll [50 cents please!].”

Transvestitism all the way here! Just about everything Will has on was originally developed for a female  model. First I used a free texture for Victoria 3 called Valarie for the base. Using Photoshop, I reduced the resolution of head and body textures, hid the scary scary nipples, whited out the genitalia, darkened the eyebrows and added more eyeliner from the Victoria 3 default makeup. Oh yeah, and I added some pink to his lips.  Textures can be used for male and female models without problems, so I didn’t need my new best friend CrossDresser for that. XD did, however, translate the boots [V3 morph-to-fit clothes], short shorts [from a free V3 waitress outfit] and the underbust corset [from a free clothing pack for the female Maya Doll figure]. I think even his hair [Wedge Cut 2.0] is, at the very least, unisex. The mesh is the only masculine thing here. :p

Anyway, I tinkered with him for hours tonight. I took melopoeia’s suggestion that he looked too rough and ruddy with the default M3 textures, which makes sense because, as much as he’s supposed to be a human [or formerly human] character, his appearance in my head is strongly influenced by the fact that he was/is a doll with stylized features. So I made him look pale and inhuman. melopoeia also thought he looked too mesomorphic, so I put him through the wringer and elongated some of his body parts so that he more closely resembles 1:3 Will, my Sabik. As for the face, his original makeup didn’t look shocking and cheerful enough, so I messed with it more.

Funnily enough, this is not really that much of a costume for him. The makeup’s normal, as are the shoes and the short shorts. I do suspect that he’d usually be wearing something over the corset, however.

No comments unless you’re reciprocating with Halloween wishes, please.


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