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I don’t know why, but with those Cool Hand Luke shades (even if they are rose), the weird hand gesture, the direct glance, the choker, the uber-short hair, the build…all makes me think of a lady I recognize at sight from a variety of bondage pr0n sites and who I think knows some former acquaintances of mine.

Google Bridget Harrington. Maybe you’ve already heard of her. Interesting, although I don’t know all that much.

Her site is interesting to poke around (not just pr0n) although I haven’t in a little while, and its not worksafe.

I don’t know why, but suddenly I want to make sparkly purple dominatrix jokes…

Maybe the female models are just better done, or maybe you’re just getting good at this, but I like her better at first blush than I did earlier versions of Will.

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