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Some people look good in skirts.

Some people look good in skirts. published on 1 Comment on Some people look good in skirts.

Will is one of them. He also looks good in second-skin fishnet. Also, as you can see, he has a new, much paler complexion, more character-appropriate makeup and reflections in his eyes. The reflections make him look more alive, which is ironic because he’s dead. :p

1 Comment

Heh, i do like his little skirt.

If you’re going to be doing facial closeups, i think the inner corners of his eyes need to be given a hint of some color or other, if pink won’t do it. Right now, his eyes just look like they’ve been imperfectly pasted into a mask, and it’s kind of disturbing.

Seems to be absolutely fine if we’re not directly in his face, though. Heh, his smirk amuses me.

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