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Helen Boyd will be at Gender Crash next week!

Helen Boyd will be at Gender Crash next week! published on 5 Comments on Helen Boyd will be at Gender Crash next week!

This is the author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married, which I have discussed previously in two entries [1 and 2]. She’s a writer and activist for transgender rights, and you should go see her if interested. I am excited to hear her in person. I really hope her reading/presentation is good….

Thursday Dec 13, 2007
Gender Crash Open mic
For poets/spoken wordsters/literary geeks/journal
writers/queers/transgender/gender queers

Feature: Helen Boyd!

Helen Boyd is the author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I
Married. She speaks and writes regularly on becoming queer and being
the partner of a trans person, and her writing has been published in
anthologies edited by Vern Bullough, Mattilda, and Rachel Kramer
Bussel. Her blog (en)gender can be found at

Bring your Poetry, Spoken Word, Slam Style Poems, Essays, Acoustic
Music, Performance, Singing, Drag, and Dance are all welcome. Where
you can be a Rock Star! for at least 3 minutes!

Doors open at 7p show at 7:30pm at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45
Danforth St, Jamaica Plain, Orange line, Stony brook stop, all ages $5
– 10 at the door, open to everyone, more info?
http://www.gendercrash.comRight-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.



Here’s the link back to Gunner’s entry, also with advert for The Neighborhood (which I would go to if I could drag my lazy arse out to JP on a Sat. night) :

See, I’d so be willing to go (and get Mike to drive, after the semester was over..Of course, problem being that he’s no kind of queer; in fact I think he’s the only Kinsey 1 I’ve ever known) if I knew the music would be good, or at least in my ballpark, because ultimately that is my test of a good place to go dance. (of course, that’s because I’ve only ever gone to Man Ray, Haven (a goth night in Northampton a gay club called Metro), the Grotto, and Club Hell…yes, there was that club in Greece, but that was once and they just played bad hiphop).

I wanna wanna wanna go….

Gender Crash is known for slam-type writing by genderqueer authors. It does feature people doing quasi-musical things occasionally, but that’s not a focus. You should go to Helen Boyd’s presentation. Spontaneous Celebrations is mere steps from Stonybrook on the Orange Line.

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