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How to figure out lighting in Daz: Cheat.

How to figure out lighting in Daz: Cheat. published on No Comments on How to figure out lighting in Daz: Cheat.

Wow! Finally, after months of tinkering with 3-D modeling, I finally rendered one of the basic units of an LHF comic: a fully stocked interior scene with a character. Below Chow sits in his study, reflecting. [Please note his poster of the Chinatown gate on the wall! I took that picture.] I overcame my difficulties with lighting by cheating. I stole some lights from a daytime exterior set. They were set not to cast shadows, so I added a spotlight over Chow’s table and set it to cast raytraced shadows. Oh yeah, I also removed the ceiling from Chow’s study so I could actually shine lights in because my skills are not sophisticated enough to illuminate a room with a roof.

There’s also a view of the full set below. Yes, I’m aware that Chow’s boot is running into the mat. But that’s never showing up in the final pictures, so I’m ignoring that comment.

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