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Guerdon the Bald-Faced, staunch little goblin guard

Guerdon the Bald-Faced, staunch little goblin guard published on No Comments on Guerdon the Bald-Faced, staunch little goblin guard

Here’s my custom “The Girl” character, Guerdon, as she stands tonight [not finished]. I Made her custom body shape [longer legs, smaller hands, longer neck, bigger feet] with “The Girl” base package, no extra morphs. Her homely, pointy face is also entirely an original product of several tedious hours with D-Forms, although I did use “The Girl” morph pack to create her expression of fierce concentration. Corset, shorts, boots and arm warmer from Glorious Goth. Streamer sleeves from The Dress. Hat from The Dress Headpiece. Shoulder pads from Planet Vixens Toxic II freebie. The skin texture is my work, and it incorporates seamless skin tiles by kabuki-chan at Renderosity and PSP 7 Stitches brushes by slshimerdla at Renderosity as well.

Anyway, she’s a well-disciplined member of the Goblin Royal Guard who has been trained since she was a toddler to protect the life of the Goblin Queen. Highly skilled and unquestioningly devoted, she knows the seven defensive arts of the Lower Orders and the eight tongues of the Roundaway world, making her equally talented in warcraft or espionage.

She was the one who intercepted the Elvish assassin who tried to kill the Queen during last year’s Festival of Worms. For this feat of selfless bravery, she suffered a disfiguring amputation of her eyebrows, sheared off by the vengeful assassin before he expired, choked to death by Guerdon’s hat streamer. The assassin intended to shame Guerdon by removing from her the most prized features of goblin physiognomy: their thick, swooping, expressive eyebrows. [Elves often take goblin eyebrows like scalps in battle, and goblin soldiers have been known to kill themselves before submitting to such dishonor.] Guerdon, though, was not to be daunted, and she had stitches tattooed in place of her brows. This is how she came to be known as Guerdon the Bald-Faced, in reference to her eyebrowlessness, as well as her general courage.

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