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Publicizing LHF…Help please!

Publicizing LHF…Help please! published on 2 Comments on Publicizing LHF…Help please!

 These are my ideas so far for publicizing LHF. Does anyone have any more?

biz cards
updates here
updates at Daz boards
upload to Renderosity
Deviant Art account and updates there
LJ feed
announce at Men With Dolls :p domain
Vampires do it in cold blood T-shirts
transcripts at
ads on other Web comics [hmmmmm…]
those goddamned comics rating sites
get interviewed for Web sites
tables at Arisia and Anime Boston [scary!]


goofing off podcast, that’s another idea.
Also, buttons. Cheap and easy to make yourself. I know someone who makes them, we could ask her to.

I can man the table at AB….looks like I have to go this year. Doing a costume with my friend Lisa. She pinky swore. Also, I met a dollmaker that’s in the costumers’ organization I know, but I forgot her name, but I suspect you know her.

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